Marnelle's Psychological Consulting Services


Our Services 

Psychometric Assessments:

A variety of psychometric instruments are utilised to provide individuals, groups or companies with comprehensive input towards selection, development, placement or career related decisions. Integrated reports are written and feedback provided. 


Personal and Professional Development Coaching:

Viewing individuals from a holistic, integrated perspective assists in identifying individually tailored strategies aimed at encouraging professional and personal growth. Utilising mostly a cognitive, solution-focused approach to counselling and coaching, we aim to assist individuals in identifying, challenging and modifying their self-defeating beliefs to actualise their potential within a professional environment.


Career Guidance:

Prospective students are supported through a process of career development which includes the development of self-knowledge, career-knowledge and realistic career expectations.


Academic Support and Guidance:

Learners and students are assisted with acquiring effective skills in managing their academic material. Various skills can be focused on, based on individual needs such as performance anxiety, note-taking, memory strategies and time-management.


Wellness Interventions:

Workshops, tailored to organisational needs, are presented on the company’s premises to address wellness needs identified. Please contact us for a comprehensive list of topics available.


Therapy and Counselling:


Individuals and groups are counselled from a cognitive and/or solution focused perspective towards ensuring optimal human functioning.